2012 Dodge Ram 6.7L Cummins Diesel

My new Dodge Ram 2500 HD 6.7 L Cummins Diesel 6 speed manual.

Dodge Ram Cummins super turbo diesel truck testing at Edgewater drag strip test and tune. Check out my channel for more drag racing action!

12 Responses to 2012 Dodge Ram 6.7L Cummins Diesel

  1. CM Walker says:

    Love that sound! Nice truck!

  2. f350powerstroke says:

    I heard the plastic cover surrounding the head acts as a noise suppressor,
    I’d just take it off to hear that cummins rumble

  3. HighEndComment says:

    my 2012 has 3800mi on it now no dpf regeneration message yet .. i does
    small regens at idle and cruising with no message.

  4. linkthemain says:

    Hope they never do away with the hand shaker like Ford and Chevy did.

  5. vinicius turbinado says:


  6. Jonathan Wilson says:

    Horrible times for a fully built truck.

  7. SRTPAPA says:

    thats badass easy 10 sec truck if it would hook

  8. thebrizzell says:

    reminds me of that b/sticker “just because I own a truck doesn’t mean I’ll
    help you move”.

  9. Lewis Chancellor says:


  10. plane45036 says:

    @SRTPAPA mid to low 9′s…

  11. looklookerlooking says:

    I saw this truck on “two guy garage” and i think he counted 8 turbos on it.

  12. plane45036 says:

    lmao @ 4:57

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